Juice …

Juice …

I don’t drink it, ever! I only drink water, coffee, tea, & cold pressed green juice on a regular basis. On occasion I’ll have some diet soda and I knowwwwwww, it’s not the best for me, but I like to have it every now and then. Oh & a glass of wine or a little vodka, but not often at all.

Ok, back to juice, I don’t drink it because it’s a waste of calories & is more often than not jam packed with sugars even if it’s “organic” or even if it’s a green juice with fruit in it. Just because something is “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s going to help you reach your fitness goals. That’s a really important sentence to keep in mind. So many people that come to me for advice about how to eat, what to eat, or when to eat have this misconception about healthy foods/drinks vs. something that’s going to help you lose fat. There’s a big difference between the two!

When focusing on fat loss, which is the most common goal in fitness whether it be for health reasons or just personal fitness goals; you have to KNOW every ounce of what you’re eating and drinking and why. I say that because you may be someone who doesn’t look at the total carb count on the nutrition facts of what you’re eating and drinking, BUT YOU SHOULD!

To give you an example, one glass of orange juice has approximately 30-37 grams of carbs in it, this could be so even if it’s 100 calories. I point out the calorie count bc a lot of brands will lure you in by writing in huge letters how low in calories something is, yet they don’t advertise how high in sodium or sugar it is. I only consume about 20-25 grams of sugar in an entire day, to have 30-37 grams of sugar in one glass of juice not even considering what you’re eating is such a waste. You have to think smart and eat smart … every step of the way.

While calcium is great for our health, you can supplement the vitamin in other forms, such as a pill or a liquid vitamin which is a lot more pure and potent.

I know we are heading into the weekend where there’s a plethora of temptation, I’m hoping this message reaches you before the temptation does lol also hoping it will keep you reminiscent of your goals. This journey is about learning how to feed our bodies in the most efficient & fulfilling way. It’s about creating a new way to live, it is a lifestyle and little messages like this is my attempt at helping you be more cognizant of what you’re doing & why at all times. In doing so you will create a life of purpose which will be more fulfilling than you could’ve ever imagined. Cheers to the weekend friends, feel free to like, comment, and share this post … oh & say no to juice! 🙂

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  1. 💗Thank you! I was literally going to the supermarket later today to buy 🍊 juice. 😅

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