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Greetings Friends,

I hope this email finds you well. We are walking into the weekend and I wanted to give you a little inspiration to stay focused in the midst of temptation. Below you will find a list of the top 5 ways I manage to stay consistent with my meal plan everyday of the week, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Understanding that there will be good days and there will be bad days. If you’re anything like I used to be then you’re optimistic and foresee more of the good than you do the bad. I used to love that about me. I thought it was a characteristic that contributed to why I’m so “fun.” But once I became a businesswoman I quickly learned, that way of thinking is dangerous. It leaves too much room for error. If you practice preparing for the bad days you’ll ALWAYS be prepared, leaving very LITTLE room for error. This spills into every realm of life, as much as we want to believe life is peaches and cream, it’s not!


  • Preparing the day before. I talk about this often and that’s for a reason, preparation is everything. When I’m prepared I have more time, I’m working towards my goals, and I’m actually eating healthy balanced meals that are going to give me the results I’m working so hard for in the gym. One thing we don’t think about in relation to being prepared is the conscious side of it. All of the time and attention that goes into making sure you’re prepared doesn’t go to waste. You’re investing your time and energy towards something that will give you something back. You’re creating a space and energy around you that is very focused and determined to accomplish a particular goal. That is valuable.


  • Knowing that there is no other option. It’d be awesome to hire someone to workout out for me & eat clean for me and actually get the results on my body … but that’s just not an option! It’s really black and white, you either do the work & gain the results … or you don’t.


  • Passion.  You truly have to be ready and willing. Since I’ve been exposed to what fitness & eating clean does for my mind & my body I’ve been passionate about it. Once I learned how many ways it’s beneficial for my well being it became a really easy switch to control. 


  • Baby Steps. Believe it or not I do NOT have a naturally fit body, I’ve always been slim… oh but I can easily put on weight. I struggle too, I veer off of my meal plan, lose motivation, I get sore, depleted, exhausted, etc. But I don’t let those feelings stay, I let them visit. I try to do more than I did yesterday, everyday. I don’t waste a meal eating crap just because I messed up for breakfast, I clean it up next meal. Sometimes we get discouraged when we start our day off wrong, and we say oh well I already messed up today I’ll start tomorrow. No … there is not always going to be a tomorrow, as tragic as that sounds it’s true and I think that way to stay focused and to remember the importance of the moment. No matter how experienced I am I make sure that I remind myself something is better than nothing. If I’m in a slump, I figure at least if do 4 sets of ab work (knowing I have the potential to do more) that’s something. What I’m trying to say is, don’t be too hard on yourself & always try even if it means doing something way less than what you know you’re capable of. Though it’s not physically going to make much of a difference it’s training your mind to push forward. It’s disciplining you, and it’s setting you up for the next time you go through this. 


I truly hope this helps. It’s here for you to reference when you need it. Feel free to comment, like, & share! Thanks for reading 🙂 XO, Jazzy

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