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How are you today? I hope you’re well.

This blog post is going to address a much needed topic of discussion, “STARTING.” 

So many people come to me seeking motivation to start; to start losing weight, to start working out, to start eating healthy, & so on. I’ve found that even after I give them insight or options they don’t start. Days, weeks, & months go by & they are still in same place … wanting, wishing, & hoping.

That doesn’t sit well with me, it truly fulfills me to be of service. I like to help! So I’ve thought about this over time and in greater detail. 

I’ve found that one of the main reasons most people fail to START any change they want to make for themselves is because it seems out of reach. The concept of uprooting a comfortable routine that feels like home to them becomes overwhelming. Though the idea of being fit or healthy is truly what they want, the challenging route to getting there is more discouraging than it is encouraging for them. 

 So … as opposed to feeling like you have to change EVERYTHING, take it inch by inch. My advice is to start small, BUT stay consistent. Incorporating a whole new meal plan in your lifestyle is major. Going from never working out to doing cardio for one hour is major. So avoid the MAJOR changes in the beginning & seek minor ways you can jumpstart your journey. 

For some that might mean:

•Drinking a half of gallon of water a day if you never drink water. Don’t aim for a gallon, that’s major for someone who consumes close to no water. 

•Doing cardio for 20 minutes instead of 45-60 minutes.

•Doing 10 sit ups instead of 20.

The change starts in your mind, and this tactic allows you to control your change, to do what you can. But don’t make it too easy for yourself, always challenge yourself. It should not be so minimal that it was easy, but not so challenging you cannot get it done.

The media has heavily, and in a lot of instances tragically impacted our psyche, forcing unrealistic standards of “health” & “beauty” on us.  Often times we search for the quickest route. But there are NO shortcuts. It has been a long and continuous journey for me personally, this year marks a decade that I’ve made fitness a lifestyle. 

Be your own competition, get to know yourself. Self discovery was huge for me, I took so many years out for that, I didn’t have social media until recently. I stayed to myself, close friends, and family. I wanted to pinpoint how I could function optimally. I always knew I had a gift, that God placed the power of influence in me, but I hadn’t gotten to know me so I didn’t know how to use it. Find yourself, know your triggers, control your mind … everything else will align. I truly hope this helps.

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  1. This is my first comment but I had to. I absolutely loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging.

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