Unnecessary Snacking

Unnecessary Snacking … AVOID IT!

What I love about being on a meal plan is the freedom it gives me. I don’t have to waste time thinking about:

  • What I’m going to eat today
  • Cooking multiple times a day
  • Over eating
  • Having to eat out 
  • Not feeling satisfied 
  • Not knowing if I’m getting enough nutrients

The list goes on. Meal prepping & planning frees up so much space in my mind & in my day for me to focus on other goals. 

Within my current meal plan I have two times of the day that I eat a snack, & granted if I exert more energy than normal I have more snacks, I don’t deprive myself. But I only have a few options that I choose from, I don’t go to the kitchen and grab chips or cookies … but I have before. I know that feeling, I wasn’t always this knowledgeable about food and nutrition so I’ve been there. Ok ok ok sometimes I still do it lol!

When it comes to unnecessary “snacking”  more often than not it is induced by stress, anxiety, habits, and other triggers. It is rarely the result of true hunger. You have to know the difference, and being on a meal plan significantly reduces the chances of unnecessary snacking. 

Another reason you might snack is because you aren’t consuming balanced meals. In order for you to feel full, you need protein, it is a major food source your body relies on. In addition to protein, to balance out your meal pair it with a fist sized amount of healthy fats and a vegetables. If you’re unsure about healthy options please refer to my “Meal Planning” post where I list out my favorite options. 

I recently went on vacation with my husband, our toddler stayed behind. We try to maintain these short trips together so that we have “US” time, and to catch up on some rest & relaxation. Whenever we are away I notice how much easier it is for me to stay out of the kitchen lol. It always helps me realize how much stress is controlling my mind, resulting in me relying on food as an escape. My meal plan is hefty, I eat a total of nearly 100 grams of protein a day. I try to get my greens in a cold pressed juice, and love my fats. I eat a lot of healthy fats, I think that’s why may hair is so healthy. Ok … so back to vacay, & snacking. I noticed that I turn to food when I get stressed. Unnecessary snacking is still snacking whether it’s healthy or not & if you’re consuming healthy balanced meals snacking is not necessary.

I’ve accepted that at this stage in parenthood my anxiety may not leave lol, because my toddler is a BUSY boy! That doesn’t mean I can’t make adjustments to prepare for when I get stressed or anxious. 


  1. I follow my meal plan!
  2. If it’s not time to eat I stay out of the kitchen.
  3. If I fall into eating a snack I shouldn’t be,  I look at the serving size & take out the amount specified for a single serving, close the bag, and leave the kitchen with my snack. Eating straight out of the bag is dangerous lol. I can eat a whole bag in 5 minutes. PORTION CONTROL IS IMPORTANT.
  4. Drink water, the second I find myself getting anxious and wanting a snack (after I’ve eaten a balanced meal & before it’s time to eat another) I drink some cold or hot water with lemon. This helps me get my water intake in, soothes me, and reminds me of what’s happening. That I’m reaching for food that I don’t NEED because it’ll temporarily make me feel better. 
  5. Breathe. I’m so big on big deep breathes. I take five big deep breaths, seeping in as much air as I can, and then pushing it out however it comes. It’s a release, it’s calming, it centers you, and it truly helps me reroute my focus. 
  6. Do some sit ups lol or an ab routine. The goal is to not let your emotions hinder you. We can get to the stage where we understand our reactions, prepare for them, and eventually overcome them.

Per usual, I hope this information helps!

DISCLAIMER: *Please note that I understand we are all on a unique journey, I DO NOT support the use of this information in a harmful way. This website and its authors do not promote unhealthy eating or the use of this information for individuals battling eating disorders, have a history of one, or any other disorders of the sort. If you are struggling with an eating disorder please call the following number immediately to seek help: 1(626) 360-ASAP



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