Why I Fell in ♡ with Fitness!


Fitness & Nutrition are two of the few things we can actually control in our lives. I’m assertive & just a tad bit controlling lol, so I know first hand how frustrating it gets to not be able to control certain aspects of your life. For example, we can’t control traffic, accidents, gas prices, the weather, other people’s actions … So when I began my fitness journey I instantly became intrigued by my ability to control my outcome in this situation. It is the one thing I have full control over. In fitness you have to put in what you want to get out of it.

Some of you may still be hesitant to start your journey and adopt a new lifestyle because you can’t foresee your results. Maybe you’re nervous about adopting a new routine, or maybe it’s just the unfamiliarity all together that’s holding you back, but you have to start now! The longer you wait to start, the longer you delay your outcome.

I hear people speak of me and the way I have been able to manipulate my body to attain a certain aesthetic in a way that suggests they would never be able to do it themselves … which is the furthest thing from the truth. I was the average girl from Inglewood, I ate fast-food everyday. I had a little belly, cellulite, and my skin even showed how unhealthy my diet was. I mean, I have always been athletic, I have always loved my veggies, and my parents did cook at home but for the most part I ate packaged, preserved, unhealthy foods more than I ate whole healthy foods. It has been ten years since I chose to dedicate my life to being a better version of myself, and I have never looked back.

The most challenging part of your journey, is this part that you’re in now. It’s almost like packing up and leaving a toxic boyfriend. You just have to get up and do it, NOW! I guarantee you all the intricate details, the things you think are hard, the physical aspect of it, it will not be as hard as you think. Nothing holds you back more than the restraints we have built in our mind over time. These root back to our childhood, the way we were raised, our exposure, our parents, our friends, life experiences. Please, let go of them. Cleanse yourself of the old you, & start a journey that doesn’t just take from you but actually gives back!



  1. I needed this today

  2. Agreed. Mental constraints are more of an obstacle than physical ones

  3. Excellent post!! Thank you for your helpful insights!

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