Greetings Friends,
I hope you’re off to a great start for the month of September. Last month (August) we focused on “distractions” if you missed that post please find it here. This month we are focusing on structure.

It wasn’t until after I had my little guy G, my son who is almost two years old, that I adopted structure into my life. Prior to adopting it, it was something I looked at as “boring” I thought that being spontaneous and seeing where the day took me was far more “fun” and added much more “value” to my life than structure ever could. This was very immature of me, and I quickly learned that after being able to excel with the addition of structure in my life. I also realized that for some time I didn’t like structure because it requires you to take inventory of everything, all the time. You have to accept where you are and find out how to get where you want to go. That can be hard for some of us, especially if we are far from where we want to be.

“What do you mean when you say structure?” When I say structure, I mean a routine, organization, a game plan! Most of us are pressed for time, and find having structure as a task, something that takes too much time, or something “difficult.” However in reality having structure is the opposite, it provides you with MORE time, less stress, less anxiety, and less uncertainty. It is simply, a path to your goals … whatever they may be, it is something you create to ensure you are spending your time wisely and that what you are doing daily is ultimately contributing to the bigger picture you have for yourself.

Sometimes we become consumed with duties and tedious things that don’t actually serve us. In addition, as life goes on we learn a lot, we are exposed to A LOT and it’s honestly way too much to keep up with. Having structure is like taking roll call of your time, making sure your minutes and hours are filled with things that are conducive to you, and reminding you to water the things that make you fulfilled as opposed to forgetting about them. Fun & relaxation should be accounted for too not just work, work, work … but having structure keeps all these different entities aligned.

I gained a lot last month by focusing on decreasing my distractions, and it is actually what enabled me to reach this stage of securing structure. Now that my goals and priorities are front and center and my distractions have dwindled, I want to fine tune the way my days are structured. Below you’ll find some bullets on how I’m planning to improve my structure, if you’re seeking structure as well  lets do this together! Please comment any bullets  you would add to your list and let me know your thoughts, you all know I love interacting with you guys!


  • Waking up and going to sleep at a set time everyday
  • Doing two new fitness type classes this month
  • Timed eating, eating every 3 hours
  • HIIT cardio 4 times a week
  • Grocery shopping weekly as opposed to multiple days a week (everyday)
  • Accounting/Budgeting/Investing
  • Reading
  • Stretching
  • Meditation daily
  • Journaling
  • Weigh ins
  • Less online shopping 🙂
  • Limit daily time on instagram

Those are some of the things I want to create structure around. Having structure is necessary in fitness because fitness is not something you can do this week, and take a week off, and still pick up where you left off. You have to be on the ride and stay on it. Having structure allows you to  improve in all realms of your life. This is my focus this month, I hope you all join me!!

Xx, Jazzy!


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  1. I definantly needed to read this Blog Post! STRUCTURE is so valuable and these tips are so helpful! thank you Jaz <3

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