Inventory of energy …

Your devotion to being the best version of yourself is a direct reflection of both your focus and your perception of your own self worth. Not everyone is concerned with being their “best,” and that is ok! My desire to be my best stems from religious roots. I grew up as a Christian in the church, I enjoy helping others, and I often take on way more than I should but I always get it done. The fire inside me that keeps me chasing this “best” version of myself is something God chose for me and I am VERY in tune with my intuition and my duty as a child of God, so I just keep going, hoping that others find their drive through me sharing mine.

As of late I have been taking inventory of my energy. I have been executing new things that I set out to do, I’ve opened my circle a bit, I have met some new people and I’m sharing my energy with them … which can be tricky. Energy is real!!!!!! Energy does not lie; it will also drain you until you’re on E if you let it. The past few days I have been on E!!! The cycle of sharing your energy, exchanging, and then reflecting on it all can be a lot. In an effort to overcome this road block I’ve been taking inventory of my energy. Noting where it’s going, what aspects are seemingly making mentally and physically tired, and why. Then I’m decompressing, for me that means working out.

Some of you know how committed I am to my fitness routine however this is different. I’ve been so conflicted with these new feelings that they sort of threw me off. There were days I didn’t want to indulge in my routine as I normally would because I was “drained.” I took that time to meditate, read, write, and reflect some more. Once I found myself overthinking and allowing my energy to be taken from me, I turned to my workouts. It has been especially important for me to turn this distraction into something conducive. Success relies on how you spend your time, if you’re actively brainstorming ways to control your time and direct it to things that benefit you, there is little room left for error especially if you can maintain consistency!

Taking inventory of your energy, your time, your life … is something you have to consistently remind yourself to do. Quite frankly I got so “busy” that for a moment I wasn’t doing that and it wasn’t long before I realized it. Be sure to check in with yourself, how you feel, and why you feel that way. It’s easy to get caught up in being someone you really aren’t or doing things you wouldn’t normally do when you don’t take some time to check in with yourself and grasp control of your time. I hope this serves as a little reminder to stay on track even when it gets tough. Social media can convince us that small habits need to be big productions but they don’t. Small habits are powerful and life changing but often times we will wait to make them with an idea that sometime soon you’ll have the time to do it the way you envisioned it in your mind. Do what you can, God will do the rest.

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