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Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope this post finds you & yours well.

Loving yourself.

It has more to do with how you feel than what you see. It is so common for us to fall out of love with ourselves as we age.

Why is that?

If you ask me falling OUT of love with yourself or rather, no longer being in love with thyself is merely a matter of allowing the outside IN. If you read my writing often you’ll notice the way I refer to our childhood & our youth as reference for purity & joy. I know not all of us have had pleasant childhoods, in fact some of us may lean on our adulthood and independence for memories of joyous moments. I had happy childhood.

My point is that it’s important to be IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF, the most life changing time to be in love with yourself is when you like yourself the least! A lot of you have sent me emails and messages, asking me to help you because you just don’t like the way you look.

I love helping people, and I especially love helping people love themselves. Fitness is where I gained my confidence from. But through fitness I also learned that you have to love yourself when you’re down. It is the ONLY way you will ever pick yourself up. Nobody will pick you up for you, nobody can do the footwork that has to happen to make a change in your life. More importantly the “change” is NOT physical it’s MENTAL.

There a comes a moment when you say to yourself, “I’m doing this for me.” After that moment you don’t look back, you’ve gained a clear vision of you at your best. Whether that means you living a healthy life, or you having rock hard abs and a set of beautifully sculpted legs. YOU SEE THE LIGHT.

The light people see is unique to them, it’s tailor made and it has hues that only bounce off of their rare existence. Do you follow? We are so purposeful, all of us. But so many fail to PUSH ourselves to reach our peak.

Fall back in love with yourself. I don’t care how you think you look or how you feel, suck it up and look yourself dead in the eyes, boss up, & say it out loud … I LOVE YOU! You need to hear it and believe it. Your energy will go where you point it. Start living purposefully, keep your eyes on the prize, go after what you want!

The first step is loving yourself even when you don’t, because YOU MATTER but you have to actually believe that.




  1. 💜💜💜💜Thank you!

  2. Awesome!!!! thank you so much!✨

  3. Love this! I believe you and I needed to hear this today!! Thank you.

  4. Love this! And it’s so true, you have to love yourself❤️

  5. Thanks Jazz… we love you too.

    Treina (SportsChickTree)

  6. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. So true, love this! 🙌🏽🤎

  8. Great perspective!!!

  9. Thanks, Jazmin. I needed something different. And kudos to you for your spelling and grammar. It’s a sign of intelligence…and diligence.

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