Do you trust yourself?

TRUST has been on my mind lately. I’d been thinking about how much trust I was in the habit of putting into the unknown. The unknown ranging from people, places, things. In essence I had been giving control of my life AWAY! Think about that …

Trust is one of the toughest things to give away, & yet we unconsciously do it A LOT, without thinking about it. For example we trust Instagram has our best interest by freely giving it our time & energy more often than not. We trust that fast food won’t kill us, that worst case scenarios won’t happen, merely because we are optimistic.

What I’m learning is that TRUST is sacred & before we consider giving it to other things & people, we have to pour it into ourselves. It doesn’t matter who you believe in or where you come from, no matter what race or gender YOU hold the power to change your life no matter what starting point you’re at. Trust is valuing the importance of getting to knowing yourself, committing to your goals, believing you have purpose, investing in developing your ideas, energy, visions, and passions. Trusting yourself doesn’t mean we know exactly where we are going or what we are going to do. For example, I had expressed a few times on my Instastory how I was lacking motivation, & I just didn’t know how to get back into the routine of things. I had made up my mind I was ready to step my game up, BUT I still didn’t know how I was going to do it. Right before I was signing off of Instagram I saw a post about an “Intensity Body Challenge”, I signed up & just like I was back in the game. You don’t have to have it figured out, but you have to MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

Trust is a gateway to confidence. It is your strength on the days you not only feel weak, but when you have weak thoughts. It is armor, it is safety, it is your POWER. Fitness has changed my life, but not because of the way it changed my body … it changed my life because it changed my MIND!

One of the reasons I can help people reach their life goals is because I took the long route in my fitness journey. I jumped into it & sustained momentum to keep up physically, while I was drowning mentally. What I mean by that is, I spent a good 8-9 years as an athlete with a skewed view of what it all meant. I didn’t really trust myself, I wasn’t really confident, to be honest I didn’t even really love myself… I loved the idea of people loving me because of the way I looked. I spent a long time loving the approval, the attention, the likes, the aesthetic. Having my son was a life changing experience because it was then that I realized, life is bigger than me. It was an awakening for me, I was able to see how my experiences could bring light to those in need of it (whether it was 1 person or 1,000,000 people). How me elevating my thinking by stepping outside of myself could slowly but surely, help one soul at a time.

It’s never been about numbers for me, it’s always been about results. I began to slowly trust my power, and that of which it has the potential to have on others. I began to trust that the world is a huge place & that there’s enough room for us all to fulfill our unique purpose by way of our select audience. Oh and don’t get me wrong, I’m still on my journey.

Moreover I began to trust that the purpose planted in me were seeds I couldn’t suppress, & that in order for them to grow I had to water them with my efforts. So often we ignore our “seeds,” we don’t honor them by trusting them. Instead we get distracted, we trust others, we trust that what they have going on is more valuable than what we COULD have going on because we give it our time instead of ourselves. We don’t prioritize our time or structure our worlds so that we can grow.

TRUST in the world of success, whether it be in fitness, nutrition, or business IS ESSENTIAL. It is the foundation of LIFE! I challenge you trust your own potential, pour into those seeds and watch them grow. Trust that those days when you only give your goals five minutes or less, they will add up. Trust that every decision you make to be a better version of yourself, big or small, will equate to results if you stay consistent. Trust how BIG you are in this incredible BIG world. Keep your eyes on the prize, BE OBSESSED! Trust your instincts & honor your OWN worth.

No matter how many words I type, expressions I make, videos or workouts I give you … it won’t change your mind for you, ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT. Trust the power of your thoughts. Don’t forget we are all the same, I’m no better than you … I AM CONSISTENT & you can be consistent too!

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With LOVE & HUGS, Jaz!



  1. “Trust the power of your thoughts”. 🤯

    I swear your posts are always right on time. I was sitting here about to go to bed and I told myself “just one more scroll” and that’s when I saw your email alert. Thank you for sharing this gem! I’m going to refer back my Mentally Fit worksheets and notes so I can really reflect on the question you posed and answer it when I journal.

  2. I absolutely love this post, Jaz. You said it straight!

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