Why perspective matters …

After years of adopting & harboring others perceptions, perspectives, opinions; whether it be about me or about things in general … I’ve stopped. We can only act based on what we know, our own beliefs & life experiences. This is important to note because many of us struggle with filtering other people’s opinions & knowing how not to let them affect us.

Just a few weeks ago a woman left a comment on my J Fitness 90210 & said something along the lines of “I was feeling ok about myself until a guy at the gym called me fat.” The comment is absurd on many levels & what I’m writing about are actions & opinions that aren’t actually vocalized, but this is also a great example.

Acceptance has always been, what feels like … this mountain in my life. I had always found myself climbing this huge hill without ever getting any closer to being & feeling accepted. When COVID hit & life slowed down a bit, I took full advantage. All I had been wanting in my life, was TIME & boom … I got it. I’m big on consistency & keeping my word, because I HATE when people don’t keep their word. So … when I got “time” (something I had been preaching non stop about not having) I knew I had to really use it, reconfigure parts of me, and make some lasting changes.

I never felt comfortable feeling like I needed to change who I am, how I dress, how I speak, how I “shine” to be able to be accepted. I knew it didn’t feel real. Most of the time it was ok because I could choose who I spent my time with or where I put my energy, but it some cases that wasn’t an option. It wasn’t until lately, that it became clear, GO WHERE YOU CAN GROW. I see it like a puzzle, when the pieces don’t fit you can’t force them to … that’s not where they go. Consider yourself solid, and when I say your”self” I don’t mean the parts of you that could use some fine tuning like a bad attitude, lack of accountability, hatred … you know, things you should actually change for self betterment. I mean the parts of you that are actually what make you “shine.” Things like your style, your happiness, your joy, your laughter, the special parts of you that you may even be hiding but are what make you special.

When you spend time committing to being better, you learn yourself. You can rationalize & recognize that you are getting shit done ok (lol)! You see everything a little more clearly, and then … you see how someone who is not, cannot. It’s not a matter of hierarchy or thinking you’re better it’s actually just understanding perspective. So, the next time you feel like someone isn’t really rocking with you, giving you a hard time, being difficult for no reason don’t point the finger at you & don’t even point it back at them, just understand. So many people fail to try to understand. It’s either their way or no way. The world is huge, literally huge! Always take a second to consider “perspective,” it’ll take the pressure off. Perspective, with a wide scope … can be very powerful. You start to see the world as it is, BIG!

With that said, cheers to a wonderful week ahead. I’m sending you love and light! J Fitness store is now live, check it out when you get a chance. Oh and check out our Instagram if you haven’t already @j.fitness90210

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  1. Love your positivity! Keep it coming!

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