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Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope this post finds you & yours well.

Loving yourself.

It has more to do with how you feel than what you see. It is so common for us to fall out of love with ourselves as we age.

Why is that?

If you ask me falling OUT of love with yourself or rather, no longer being in love with thyself is merely a matter of allowing the outside IN. If you read my writing often you’ll notice the way I refer to our childhood & our youth as reference for purity & joy. I know not all of us have had pleasant childhoods, in fact some of us may lean on our adulthood and independence for memories of joyous moments. I had happy childhood.

My point is that it’s important to be IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF, the most life changing time to be in love with yourself is when you like yourself the least! A lot of you have sent me emails and messages, asking me to help you because you just don’t like the way you look.

I love helping people, and I especially love helping people love themselves. Fitness is where I gained my confidence from. But through fitness I also learned that you have to love yourself when you’re down. It is the ONLY way you will ever pick yourself up. Nobody will pick you up for you, nobody can do the footwork that has to happen to make a change in your life. More importantly the “change” is NOT physical it’s MENTAL.

There a comes a moment when you say to yourself, “I’m doing this for me.” After that moment you don’t look back, you’ve gained a clear vision of you at your best. Whether that means you living a healthy life, or you having rock hard abs and a set of beautifully sculpted legs. YOU SEE THE LIGHT.

The light people see is unique to them, it’s tailor made and it has hues that only bounce off of their rare existence. Do you follow? We are so purposeful, all of us. But so many fail to PUSH ourselves to reach our peak.

Fall back in love with yourself. I don’t care how you think you look or how you feel, suck it up and look yourself dead in the eyes, boss up, & say it out loud … I LOVE YOU! You need to hear it and believe it. Your energy will go where you point it. Start living purposefully, keep your eyes on the prize, go after what you want!

The first step is loving yourself even when you don’t, because YOU MATTER but you have to actually believe that.




I believe in GOD, I was baptized and raised in a Christian church. God undoubtedly puts each one of us here with purpose, how dedicated we are to fulfill our purpose as we enjoy the fruits he planted for us … is up to us. Kobe left the biggest impact on us as he could. He gave us everything he had while he was on the court. He taught us drive, consistency, determination, courage, and most importantly HEART. I’m still in disbelief, I didn’t know him personally but I felt his impact through his spirit & his energy.

I listened to his retirement speech, in it he said “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the late nights you stay up working hard. The early mornings you wake up and work hard. That’s the dream.”

While I can’t stop envisioning the reality of his family’s present state, I can clearly see how he filled his purpose. Life isn’t about us, it’s about how we use our own life to leave a lasting impact on the people around us.

It seems we live in a selfish era, where we get so warped into ourselves and our minuscule problems with no way of finding our way out. I was that girl, but I refuse to be her anymore. THIS is a way out, KOBE. We have suffered the loss of multiple legends within the past year. Each of them leaving their own special message. This is no coincidence & I’m certain GOD is calling them home with intention. May we learn from the ones we lose, while knowing we never lost them.

I don’t know everything, I don’t even know a lot. I KNOW that we all have purpose, & I will continue to share my thoughts & energy in hopes of my strength reaching you in your times of need.

I think we only fear death when we know we aren’t living up to our potential. I pray we all live fulfilling lives, that we overcome our current demons, that we show appreciation to the people & things we appreciate, that we are content with the choices we make and if we are not we stop making them.

Life is too short to prolong the day we start to make a change in our lives. I’m sending everyone reading this the confidence to take the first step to creating their own story. Write your chapters, live your dreams … but remember the dream isn’t in the destination, it’s in the work you put in. It’s not about us!



Inventory of energy …

Your devotion to being the best version of yourself is a direct reflection of both your focus and your perception of your own self worth. Not everyone is concerned with being their “best,” and that is ok! My desire to be my best stems from religious roots. I grew up as a Christian in the church, I enjoy helping others, and I often take on way more than I should but I always get it done. The fire inside me that keeps me chasing this “best” version of myself is something God chose for me and I am VERY in tune with my intuition and my duty as a child of God, so I just keep going, hoping that others find their drive through me sharing mine.

As of late I have been taking inventory of my energy. I have been executing new things that I set out to do, I’ve opened my circle a bit, I have met some new people and I’m sharing my energy with them … which can be tricky. Energy is real!!!!!! Energy does not lie; it will also drain you until you’re on E if you let it. The past few days I have been on E!!! The cycle of sharing your energy, exchanging, and then reflecting on it all can be a lot. In an effort to overcome this road block I’ve been taking inventory of my energy. Noting where it’s going, what aspects are seemingly making mentally and physically tired, and why. Then I’m decompressing, for me that means working out.

Some of you know how committed I am to my fitness routine however this is different. I’ve been so conflicted with these new feelings that they sort of threw me off. There were days I didn’t want to indulge in my routine as I normally would because I was “drained.” I took that time to meditate, read, write, and reflect some more. Once I found myself overthinking and allowing my energy to be taken from me, I turned to my workouts. It has been especially important for me to turn this distraction into something conducive. Success relies on how you spend your time, if you’re actively brainstorming ways to control your time and direct it to things that benefit you, there is little room left for error especially if you can maintain consistency!

Taking inventory of your energy, your time, your life … is something you have to consistently remind yourself to do. Quite frankly I got so “busy” that for a moment I wasn’t doing that and it wasn’t long before I realized it. Be sure to check in with yourself, how you feel, and why you feel that way. It’s easy to get caught up in being someone you really aren’t or doing things you wouldn’t normally do when you don’t take some time to check in with yourself and grasp control of your time. I hope this serves as a little reminder to stay on track even when it gets tough. Social media can convince us that small habits need to be big productions but they don’t. Small habits are powerful and life changing but often times we will wait to make them with an idea that sometime soon you’ll have the time to do it the way you envisioned it in your mind. Do what you can, God will do the rest.



“Q4,” meaning one-fourth of a year. Quarter 4 (October, November, December) is the last quarter we have in 2019. Breaking years down by quarters is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to planning ahead! It reminds me of being in school and finding that one method that just helped me learn better. Couldn’t tell you why but, seeing four groups of three months just ignites my creativity, lol! It may do the same for you!

Ok … October!!! Can you believe it? Just three months and that fast it’s been one whole year! To be honest up until 2017 (the year my son was born) I didn’t track my yearly goals. I made them, tried to follow them, and the rest was history. I didn’t check in on them, I didn’t set deadlines for them, I didn’t WRITE them down on paper, I didn’t visualize them, I didn’t set a day aside to brainstorm them, I didn’t make note of small steps I should take to get closer to them. I didn’t have a master planner like I do now, broken down into the next ten years. Becoming a mother has shaped me into an accountable person. Having the weight of being a direct example to my son has elevated my goals and my purpose. It wasn’t the same when I wasn’t a parent and made plans to be a lawyer and didn’t follow through, or when I took a course and didn’t pass it. It’s different now, I have to follow through, I have to live with intention, everything has to be purposeful in my life. I have to lead with the intention to teach with every single move I make. I’m not perfect but I try my best to be purposeful. That doesn’t mean if you’re not a parent it’s ok to give yourself some slack, NO! USE the time you have now, to YOUR advantage.

TIME, is so important and it is also what we THINK we have the least control over. I say so because whenever I sit down to try and help a family member or client be accountable for their fitness goals the first thing we go over is inventory of their time. Most people say well I don’t have time to eat then, I don’t have time to workout when I get home, I don’t have time to meal prep, I don’t have time to weigh myself everyday, I don’t have time to stretch, I don’t have time to track what I eat for the day … I DON’T HAVE TIME!!!!!!!!! None of us HAVE time, we make time … if we want to, and it’s 4th quarter, its time to MAKE TIME!! Though we only have three months left before the close of the year, THAT IS ENOUGH!

I work under pressure so in a sense I’m excited for this last quarter. A lot can be accomplished in three short months especially in the fitness and nutrition world. With consistency you can walk into 2020 with a whole new mind & body. I want you to hold yourself accountable for Q4. Take some time today to write your goals for this quarter down on paper, whether its fitness/nutrition related or general goals that you want to accomplish before the close of 2019.

According to an article by Forbes last December, “Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.” You are up to you. Don’t be a statistic, being born and raised in South-Central LA has given me a deep rooted drive to NEVER be a statistic. It has gotten me where I am today. 

Here are my TOP 4 TOOLS I use to plan out my quarters:

  3. PLAN

I suggest writing those down leaving some room under each one. I want you to fill in your interpretation of how you will execute each. You have to put in the work, but more than anything you have to WANT to put in the work.


XO, Jazzy 🙂


Greetings Friends,
I hope you’re off to a great start for the month of September. Last month (August) we focused on “distractions” if you missed that post please find it here. This month we are focusing on structure.

It wasn’t until after I had my little guy G, my son who is almost two years old, that I adopted structure into my life. Prior to adopting it, it was something I looked at as “boring” I thought that being spontaneous and seeing where the day took me was far more “fun” and added much more “value” to my life than structure ever could. This was very immature of me, and I quickly learned that after being able to excel with the addition of structure in my life. I also realized that for some time I didn’t like structure because it requires you to take inventory of everything, all the time. You have to accept where you are and find out how to get where you want to go. That can be hard for some of us, especially if we are far from where we want to be.

“What do you mean when you say structure?” When I say structure, I mean a routine, organization, a game plan! Most of us are pressed for time, and find having structure as a task, something that takes too much time, or something “difficult.” However in reality having structure is the opposite, it provides you with MORE time, less stress, less anxiety, and less uncertainty. It is simply, a path to your goals … whatever they may be, it is something you create to ensure you are spending your time wisely and that what you are doing daily is ultimately contributing to the bigger picture you have for yourself.

Sometimes we become consumed with duties and tedious things that don’t actually serve us. In addition, as life goes on we learn a lot, we are exposed to A LOT and it’s honestly way too much to keep up with. Having structure is like taking roll call of your time, making sure your minutes and hours are filled with things that are conducive to you, and reminding you to water the things that make you fulfilled as opposed to forgetting about them. Fun & relaxation should be accounted for too not just work, work, work … but having structure keeps all these different entities aligned.

I gained a lot last month by focusing on decreasing my distractions, and it is actually what enabled me to reach this stage of securing structure. Now that my goals and priorities are front and center and my distractions have dwindled, I want to fine tune the way my days are structured. Below you’ll find some bullets on how I’m planning to improve my structure, if you’re seeking structure as well  lets do this together! Please comment any bullets  you would add to your list and let me know your thoughts, you all know I love interacting with you guys!


  • Waking up and going to sleep at a set time everyday
  • Doing two new fitness type classes this month
  • Timed eating, eating every 3 hours
  • HIIT cardio 4 times a week
  • Grocery shopping weekly as opposed to multiple days a week (everyday)
  • Accounting/Budgeting/Investing
  • Reading
  • Stretching
  • Meditation daily
  • Journaling
  • Weigh ins
  • Less online shopping 🙂
  • Limit daily time on instagram

Those are some of the things I want to create structure around. Having structure is necessary in fitness because fitness is not something you can do this week, and take a week off, and still pick up where you left off. You have to be on the ride and stay on it. Having structure allows you to  improve in all realms of your life. This is my focus this month, I hope you all join me!!

Xx, Jazzy!