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Energy + Alignment

For the last couple of months I’ve been focused on overcoming hurdles I’ve lived with for years. Things I figured were just apart of me, but weren’t. Things I thought I had no control over but that I obviously did.

In doing this I’ve elevated to a new wave length. One that is more aligned with the purest version of me. It’s insane, my energy … is insane. That’s partially why I was hesitant to resurface on social media. I did, and still do feel like social media strips a layer of self from you. I don’t know how to explain it, and I don’t particularly know what “layer of self” it is, but I do know something happens. Something out of our control & something a bit intrusive. For a long while I was craving privacy & realness, something social media not only couldn’t give me but something it was taking from me.

These past couple of months have been re-energizing, they have helped me build the ammunition I need to continue on my journey of being my best which in turn helps me help people. Some days being a motivating force for others is draining, some days I can only manage to help myself. Some days I assume the responsibility no mater what because … I’m blessed, I have the ability to, & life is short. I’m still figuring out everything I need to figure out while also releasing the urge to want to figure out things i’ll never figure out lol.

Oh! By the way, I’ve been reading a book that I’ll share soon. I take that back I read it in about 10 mins or less, it’s a quick read. The book literally came at the perfect moment. It’s unbelievable, everything I would once have had to actively search for has been falling into my lap, LITERALLY … in every aspect. A bit scary lol. This book… it’s brilliant. In short, it sums up the idea that “to whom much is given much is expected.” After loving the book I looked up the author, the author’s philosophy is to consider dea** in real time. As morbid as it sounds he influences people to think of every moment as one that brings us closer to dea**. What this does is heighten our awareness of TIME. In being aware of time, we become aware of the choices we make daily. We become significantly more present, more caring, more aware. Our lifestyle becomes more aligned with the idea that life & our time here is extremely scarce and that we all have an expiration date. It’s not fun to face, believe me, I of all people know that, it makes me cringe. But, it’s the reality, and well … all that’s left after accepting that, is to LIVE intentionally, with love, with a grateful heart & a helping hand.

Once this concept clicked for me, everything became “doable.” This reminded me how much perspective matters, how you look at things, how you choose NOT to look at things. How to create goals, how to accomplish them, what kind of life you want, how to LIVE your dreams.

Truth is, we need to get out of our own way. Too often we go through life with blinders on, with everything we need right there in front of us. If you can’t see it, it might as well not be there. Perspective matters, HEART matters, getting your feet wet & back in the game is necessary. All we have is NOW, I know we all live in different realities but we all have a heart that bleeds the same blood (not literally lol) so regardless of the different hurdles we are all facing, there lies HOPE & OPPORTUNITY to turn nothing into something. Once you try your best … consistently, HE will do the rest.

That my dear readers, is the lesson for today which I hope leads you into an intentional week and then month and then year.

Sending you lots of love & light

Xx Jaz