Energy + Alignment

For the last couple of months I’ve been focused on overcoming hurdles I’ve lived with for years. Things I figured were just apart of me, but weren’t. Things I thought I had no control over but that I obviously did. In doing this I’ve elevated to a new wave length. One that is more aligned with the purest version of me. It’s insane, my energy … is insane. That’s partially why I was hesitant to … Continue reading Energy + Alignment

Why perspective matters …

After years of adopting & harboring others perceptions, perspectives, opinions; whether it be about me or about things in general ... I've stopped. We can only act based on what we know, our own beliefs & life experiences. This is important to note because many of us struggle with filtering other people's opinions & knowing how not to let them affect us. Just a few weeks ago a woman left a comment on my J … Continue reading Why perspective matters …

Do you trust yourself?

TRUST has been on my mind lately. I'd been thinking about how much trust I was in the habit of putting into the unknown. The unknown ranging from people, places, things. In essence I had been giving control of my life AWAY! Think about that ... Trust is one of the toughest things to give away, & yet we unconsciously do it A LOT, without thinking about it. For example we trust Instagram has our … Continue reading Do you trust yourself?

loving YOU

Good Afternoon everyone, I hope this post finds you & yours well. Loving yourself. It has more to do with how you feel than what you see. It is so common for us to fall out of love with ourselves as we age. Why is that? If you ask me falling OUT of love with yourself or rather, no longer being in love with thyself is merely a matter of allowing the outside IN. If … Continue reading loving YOU


I believe in GOD, I was baptized and raised in a Christian church. God undoubtedly puts each one of us here with purpose, how dedicated we are to fulfill our purpose as we enjoy the fruits he planted for us ... is up to us. Kobe left the biggest impact on us as he could. He gave us everything he had while he was on the court. He taught us drive, consistency, determination, courage, and … Continue reading A LESSON FROM #KOBE