Jazmin Johnson from Married to Medicine was born and raised in Inglewood, Los Angeles. While a lot of people know her as one of the stars of Married to Medicine, Jazmine is a woman of many talents and interests. She owns a trendy online women’s boutique as well as a luxury concierge. After feeling disconnected from other ladies on the show, Jazmine decided to put more work into her concierge business, yielding great rewards.

The Luxury Concierge is fast becoming one of the leading names in the Los Angeles luxury concierge space. They offer a wide range of services, including luxury car rental, luxury property rentals, event planning, and many more. Jazmin Johnson from Married to Medicine is the right person for the job if you need top-notch concierge services in Los Angeles.

What’s the story behind the Luxury Concierge?

Jazmin Johnson in Los Angeles started as a personal assistant to a high profile musician. Her role required learning to listen carefully and accurately execute instructions with measured efficiency. But even as demanding as the work was, she still managed to combine it with full-scale event planning. Her effortless execution and penchant for paying attention to the fine details endeared her to a lot of clients, and she was able to build useful connections from her side gig.

Today, one of her major businesses, The Lifestyle Concierge, focuses on delivering grand and extravagant experiences to clients who can afford them. She handles all kinds of events, including but not limited to birthday parties, proposals, business meetings, and photoshoots. As long as you want it grand and extravagant, The Lifestyle Concierge is the brand you should be talking to.

What distinguishes The Lifestyle Concierge from the competitors?

Jazmin Johnson’s concierge business takes pride in not shying away from any challenge. For her, no task is too small or too grand to be carried out, as long as a price can be named. According to Jazmine, too many concierges tend to pay too much attention to themselves at the expense of their clients. Such businesses would rather do things the way they envision than the way the client wants. The Lifestyle Concierge does not fall into this trap.

The business is set up to meet clients’ needs and ensure they have an unforgettable experience with every booking. The excellence in service delivery is one of the key factors that attracted angel investors to The Lifestyle Concierge. With their input, Jazmine Johnson has been able to expand into the exotic car rental business. The company offers short- and long-term rentals of luxury car brands such as Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and so on.

Contact Jazmine Johnson from Married to Medicine for top-notch luxury concierge services

If you need a luxury concierge in LA, Jazmine Johnson’s ‘The Lifestyle Concierge’ is the brand you should be getting in touch with. Jazmine is ready to be your plug for all kinds of luxury services, and you can rest assured you’ll be getting nothing short of the best. Her organizational skills and years of experience from working with numerous high-profile clients would surely prove valuable towards making your event memorable.