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#JazzyFit30Day Low Cal Meals

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These recipes were specially curated for weight loss, & they taste uhhhh-mazing. It is important that you stick strictly to my portion/serving suggestions. A huge factor in weight loss is your portion sizes. You have to give your body enough time to digest foods. Eating smaller meals more frequently allows your body to do that.

One of my secrets is keeping it simple, using only what my body needs & not much more than that. I hope you enjoy these receipe’s, if you cook them I wanna see! 🙂 Please tag me on Instagram #jazzzyfit30day

This is a digital download, after you pay refer to your email confirmation, look under the “Download Column” & download the pdf.




  • This PDF is 34 pages
  • Easy download option in your emailed receipt
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack options
  • Nutrition Facts included 🙂


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    • Gloria Carter says

      Thank you I have downloaded the meals and they look really tasty, can’t wait to try them make post. I was looking to see if the chia pudding was there and it was ! I saw it on the show and it looked really good. Thank you for the time you put into putting this all together the information is priceless, so thank you and you can’t beat the price!! I will be taking before and after pictures.
      Jasmine Johnson

  1. Michonne says

    I am soooo excited to try these recipes! I am also following the meal options and grocery list you provided in your challenge e-book and this is perfect to use alongside the e-book. Just briefly looking through it immediately after I downloaded it, I am amazed by how many options you provided for the price. Can’t wait to put these recipes to use 🙂

    • Gloria Carter says

      Hi Joyce Brandon
      Contact Jazmin and let her know she will respond back and check your email as well but it should have popped right up. Did the payment go through it so attach it to the email when you send your message or a screen shot of it.

  2. Amatullah Saafira says

    I’m interested to know how many pages and is it feasible to print them out

  3. Rita says

    Hi Jazmin!! I’ve been avoiding the food balance and now I’m ready. I workout everyday but I hadn’t been seeing the best results. Will you have more recipes to come? 🌸🌸

  4. Jacinta says

    Is there an example of the meals included? Is they’re complicated and common foods? I’m a mom of 4 (postpartum of my recent baby 5 months) so needing quick and nutritious options.

  5. Erica M. says

    The ordering process was simple. I cannot wait to start using the information Jazmin provided in her guide. I’m looking forward to a lifestyle change and shedding pounds in the process. Wish me success!

  6. Damaye says

    I love love these recipes! Really tasty ideas for those wanting to lose weight but also love flavor.

  7. Brittany A. says

    The best cooking recipes I have ever used. I feel so good using these recipes. Everything is delicious. Don’t hesitate purchase this. Thank you so much Jazmin!!

  8. Tammy S. says

    Well this is an excellent meal plan, you need to have the will power to wanna be healthy and fit. The price is amazing for all this health wealth. I love it thank you Jazmin.

  9. Doreen N. says

    Easy breezy to download and I’m thrilled to have her expertise. Thank you , you’re all wonderful.💕

  10. Sara says

    I would like to see how much to use for each item and also wasn’t sure how to prepare the asparagus with the salmon . Other then that i love how easy and good the meals are

  11. Jada H. says

    Great clean recipes! You are an inspiration Jazmin. I love your dedication and commitment to eating healthy.

  12. Connie Jones-Steward says

    The meals look delicious and easy to prepare using real food items that most of us will readily have on hand.

  13. Lori B. says

    I’m happy with my purchase. There are a few minor hickups but that’s mainly because I’m in Canada so the availability of some of the foods, or the price means having to find a similar substitute
    Outside of that I am very happy. Jazmin is an inspiration and motivating force. Thank you 🙏🏽

  14. Camille says

    Very Easy Recipes to follow. An excellent choice of foods as well. Im not a fan of Avocado so i just omit that and continue on. Well worth it. Excitedly waiting for the next issue !

  15. Nicole S. says

    The recipes provided were extremely easy to follow with step by step preparation. I would highly recommend if you’re not sure what to make for each meal.

  16. Patricia says

    Love how the recipe are so easy written there no crazy words of foods name we’re not able to buy to do the recipe . Love it worth the 10$

  17. Audria says

    Thank you Jazmin!!! We appreciate you and you are walking in your true calling. We awaiting a summer camp for training next..#Teamjaz🦋

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