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Custom Meal Plan


Description of Service: 

A customized 7 day meal plan. This customized will cater to your goals, daily routine, & food preferences. This is a one time purchase (unless you purchase the coaching add on). It is suggested you follow it for 4 weeks consistently to achieve results. The portions of your meal plan will be figured out by a combination of your age, weight, height, gender, goals, & BMI. You will receive an in depth questionnaire about your current eating/eating habits to begin the process, once it’s submitted Jazmin Johnson will develop your suggested meal plan within 72 hours. Please plan ahead for this turn around time (if you are hoping to have your meal plan by a certain time you’ll need to allot 72 hours for processing). This offer does not include coaching but a 4 week, weekly check in with Jazmin can be purchased as an add on for an additional $200.00 Please note, for transformational results a minimum of 3 months of coaching is suggested!

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