IG Nutrition ?’s

Happy Tuesday Friends, as promised here are the answers to most of your nutrition questions submitted to me via Instagram. If you have more please leave them in the comments below. If you are reading this from your email you have to click the link at the bottom of the email to be taken to my website, from there you can leave a comment asking for elaboration or to submit a new question. If you … Continue reading IG Nutrition ?’s


I owe you this smile … Thank you for supporting my journey. My experience on Instagram has been filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, happiness and sadness, the list goes on. How that translates in the fitness world is … #fluctuation (but I’m quickly learning how to control that lol)! Some of you invested in me early on when I started my account just shy of a few days postpartum when I was … Continue reading Purpose

Why I Fell in ♡ with Fitness!

CLICK THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL TO OPEN ME UP! Fitness & Nutrition are two of the few things we can actually control in our lives. I'm assertive & just a tad bit controlling lol, so I know first hand how frustrating it gets to not be able to control certain aspects of your life. For example, we can't control traffic, accidents, gas prices, the weather, other people's actions ... So when … Continue reading Why I Fell in ♡ with Fitness!

Comfortable or Uncomfortable?

Comfortable or Uncomfortable? Have you gotten the two confused? So many of us consider doing something new “uncomfortable” without realizing you may already be uncomfortable. Waking up to the same frustrations you had about your lack of progress in the fitness world is not comfortable. Eating fast food and then feeling like crap afterwards is not comfortable. Being overweight isn't comfortable. Not being the weight you want to be or looking the way you want … Continue reading Comfortable or Uncomfortable?


Happy Friday! Today we are talking distractions ... they come creeping up in every form as soon you decide to better yourself, beware! They can come in the form of: self pity, people, assets, fake love, hate, appealing opportunities, & so on. I have found it to be extremely important to be aware of distractions because of how much power they hold. They can deprive you of substance, hold you in the same place you've … Continue reading DISTRACTIONS