loving YOU

Good Afternoon everyone, I hope this post finds you & yours well. Loving yourself. It has more to do with how you feel than what you see. It is so common for us to fall out of love with ourselves as we age. Why is that? If you ask me falling OUT of love with yourself or rather, no longer being in love with thyself is merely a matter of allowing the outside IN. If … Continue reading loving YOU


I believe in GOD, I was baptized and raised in a Christian church. God undoubtedly puts each one of us here with purpose, how dedicated we are to fulfill our purpose as we enjoy the fruits he planted for us ... is up to us. Kobe left the biggest impact on us as he could. He gave us everything he had while he was on the court. He taught us drive, consistency, determination, courage, and … Continue reading A LESSON FROM #KOBE

Inventory of energy …

Your devotion to being the best version of yourself is a direct reflection of both your focus and your perception of your own self worth. Not everyone is concerned with being their “best,” and that is ok! My desire to be my best stems from religious roots. I grew up as a Christian in the church, I enjoy helping others, and I often take on way more than I should but I always get it … Continue reading Inventory of energy …


  "Q4," meaning one-fourth of a year. Quarter 4 (October, November, December) is the last quarter we have in 2019. Breaking years down by quarters is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to planning ahead! It reminds me of being in school and finding that one method that just helped me learn better. Couldn't tell you why but, seeing four groups of three months just ignites my creativity, lol! It may … Continue reading Q4


Greetings Friends, I hope you're off to a great start for the month of September. Last month (August) we focused on "distractions" if you missed that post please find it here. This month we are focusing on structure. It wasn't until after I had my little guy G, my son who is almost two years old, that I adopted structure into my life. Prior to adopting it, it was something I looked at as "boring" … Continue reading STRUCTURE