Comfortable or Uncomfortable?

Comfortable or Uncomfortable?

Have you gotten the two confused?

So many of us consider doing something new “uncomfortable” without realizing you may already be uncomfortable. Waking up to the same frustrations you had about your lack of progress in the fitness world is not comfortable. Eating fast food and then feeling like crap afterwards is not comfortable. Being overweight isn’t comfortable. Not being the weight you want to be or looking the way you want to look isn’t comfortable. Not getting active, exercising your heart day after day despite your wants to start, is not comfortable.

In the same respect, going to the gym before work despite how exhausted you are isn’t comfortable. Disciplining yourself & staying committed to your diet when you go out with your friends is not comfortable. Missing out on brunch dates, and leisure time because you have to workout isn’t comfortable. Being vulnerable and going in the gym without really knowing what to do with the equipment is isn’t comfortable. Having to commit to your fitness goals despite your lack of motivation isn’t comfortable.

But you know what is actually comfortable… consistently working through the feelings of uncomfort to reach new goals. Sticking to the vision you once had for yourself. Showing and proving. Mastering your mind, overcoming your fears. Seeing your hard work pay off, looking at it in your reflection. Nothing is more empowering than knowing YOU actually hold all the power to change. This ultimately spills into every realm of your life.

The confusion is that you’ve gotten too used to accepting your reality despite the goals you have for yourself. Making goals and not acting on them is just like not having them. You’re choosing to push aside your goals day after day with assumption one day you’ll just be ready. Truth is, life will go on, time will keep ticking, and you will continue to push aside your goals. The feeling of uncomfortableness that you think comes along with trying something new is not that different that what you’re already feeling now. It’s just a new challenge you haven’t mastered yet. There’s no escaping the feeling of “uncomfort” and you really shouldn’t try to. Feelings of uneasiness spark from unfamiliarity. Get familiar, seek more ways you can make changes every day & start there. It’s not about a race, it’s about truly learning how to adopt a lifelong lifestyle that’s going to better you forever, and contribute to your longevity.

I hope these words introduce a shift in your outlook on “uncomfort.” People look at me as if I don’t have worry about anything because I’m “fit.” Fitness is not a race, it’s a lifelong marathon it never ends. When you sign up for this you sign up for commitment, consistency, routine, lifestyle. It takes a lifetime of maintenance, you can’t start then stop and still produce the same results … and you shouldn’t want to. Fitness & nutrition continue to shock me everyday day. Your body is continually changing as you age, it’ll continue to need different things, your eating habits will change, your energy will change, everything will continue to change. You will continually have to learn what fitness and nutrition needs you need as you progress & things change. It’s honestly exciting & captivating. Keep going friends, & make sure you get moving today.

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Xo, Jazzy


  1. It’s as if you are a psychic- you always know exactly what I need to read. I am incredibly impressed with your unique information that is specifically what I need to hear. It blows my mind the timing. Thank you God for speaking and using Jazmin to keep me on track with my goals! Girl you are my hero. Xx

  2. You’re so right. It’s time to see fitness as getting comfortable. Not being exactly where one wants to be is the real discomfort!

  3. Super great reminder

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